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These domains below are part of a collection of domain names I’ve had up to eight years. These particular names I’ve never put a website on.

I registered each domain name with the intention of putting a site on it and had plans for most of the domain names in this list. Due to time constraints and too many domains I never got around to adding websites to any of these names.

Most of the domains here have keywords in them or are a word in the dictionary.

Most of the domain names below are on a temporary site supplied by my registrar while my domains are parked there. There you’ll find the price of the domain or you can make an offer and in most cases you can see various possible uses of the domain by looking at the link words in the directory.

Most of these domains can be purchased directly from my registrar. If that has changed for any reason contact me with the domain name and I’ll get back to you.


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graphene lattice
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If you are a domainer or in the science and technology field, could be the go to place for news and articles on graphene based technology. Ever heard of a space elevator? Ever heard of a thin film of graphene is strong enough to support an elephant?

These feats and more are the future, and you could be a part of it, You can buy and hold for future use or resell this premium authority domain name. It is perfect for immediate use as the authority source for graphene uses and processes.


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